Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Venice: Days 1-3

Venice is probably the most picturesque place I’ve ever been! It is absolutely gorgeous here and everything is so quaint. 

Day 1: Emily and I left Florence at 10:30 and got into Venice at about 12:30. We then took a boat over to our hotel, which actually on the island of Lido. It took about an hour to get there, but it’s adorable. It has a completely different feel than Venice. It’s kind of like a beach town and feels a lot like Hawaii. There are a lot of cute restaurants, hotels, shops, and tons of gelato.

Once we checked in and cooled off (it’s so hot and humid here!) we got lunch/dinner at a nearby restaurant. We had some delicious pizza and we got offered a couple of shots of vodka at the end, which we politely declined, shocking the waiter.

After that, we walked around the island together and decided to call it a night. The heat really takes it out of you here.

Day 2: Greg got back! He made it to the hotel around 11, and then we headed over to the main part of the city. We walked through the Piazza San Marco and through a bunch of narrow streets. We also walked across the Rialto Bridge, which is where tons of the famous pictures you see of Venice come from.

We had some pizza for lunch (what else do you eat in Italy?), looked in a bunch of little shops, and then dropped Emily off at the train station. She’s headed back to Edinburgh and then home to Salt Lake.

Greg and I then decided to go back to Lido. We took a nice little nap (I’m sure Greg needed it more than I did. 2 international flights in 3 days can wear you out a little bit), and then headed out for dinner. After dinner, we got some gelato and walked around the island. We tried to walk along the beach, but apparently it was closed. 

Day 3: After breakfast at the hotel, we decided to try again at the beach. It was beautiful. Except for the old men in speedos part. That was a little different. 

After our walk, we grabbed our luggage and headed over to the train station. We had our last Italian meal at a restaurant nearby and then boarded the train to Switzerland. We absolutely loved Venice and almost wish we had more time there. It might seem like we didn't see/do a lot, but it was such a nice place to relax in. It's definitely a place we'd like to return to. 

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