Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bruges: Day 1

Well, we are in the final city of our trip. Number 16 of 16. It's crazy and it doesn't feel real at all. It's pretty bittersweet actually...we're excited to be coming home soon, but we're sure gonna miss being here too.

Bruges is, of course, absolutely incredible. People have been telling us how amazing it is ever since we decided to come, and they are right. We took the train here this morning and got in around 2 pm, after which we immediately got some Belgian waffles for lunch. They were pretty delicious and we're looking forward to having more tomorrow.

After checking into our hotel (which is right on a canal, so our room has a beautiful view of the water), we went out exploring. Everything here is so adorable and picturesque:

After some wandering, we found the Bloed Basilek, which basically means blood basilica. That's because there's a phial of Christ's blood kept in a silver tabernacle inside. Apparently, it was brought back from Jerusalem by the crusaders. While we were inside, a priest had the phial out on display and people lined up to touch it and pray over it. It was actually pretty cool:

After that, we really didn't do much except for walk. Each street was so adorable that Greg kept pulling out the camera to take pictures of its cuteness. Here are a couple good ones:

After all the walking, we had a nice dinner at a cafe. Greg ordered what seems to be the specialty here: mussels and fries. I stuck with chicken.

By the way, there were 56 mussels in there and Greg ate them all. Go him. Tomorrow is our last day here. Crazy.

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  1. you look so tan! I'm gonna guess that didn't happen while you were in London, cuz I'm certainly as pale as ever!