Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Interlaken: Days 1 & 2

Interlaken: Days 1 & 2

Interlaken is a little town where a lot of tourists who want to see the Alps stay. Like the rest of Switzerland, it’s adorable. We really enjoyed our time there. The first day, we walked around a bit and had some delicious pizza for lunch. After that, we decided to take advantage of one of the beautiful lakes we saw on the train ride over. We took a bus to Lake Thunersee and spent the rest of the day lounging around there. We rented a boat and Greg rowed us around for a little while. The water there is an amazing color and the landscape is just gorgeous:

After rowing for a while, we decided to take a little dip (the water was freezing!) and then read in some chairs by the lake. It was very relaxing. Do you like my cute tan line?

On our way back to our hotel, we ran into some missionaries! One of them went to BYU before his mission and had seen Greg’s concert there, so that was kind of cool. They were really nice and it was fun to talk to them while we waited for our bus.

I am sorry to announce that for dinner that night, we had McDonalds. Everything in Switzerland is ridiculously expensive, even the mediocre food. We knew we would be spending a lot of money the next day on tickets into the Alps, so we wanted a cheap dinner (something that isn’t even possible in Switzerland, even the value meals at McDonalds were twelve bucks).

However, it was all worth it because the next day, the Alps were incredible. After taking a short train and bus ride, we took a tram up to this tiny little town in the mountains called Gimmelwald. It’s very secluded and almost something out of the past, but it’s beautiful.

We hiked from Gimmelwald to the next town called Muren, where we caught the tram again and headed up to the top of the Schilthorn. On the top of this mountain is a revolving restaurant where we ate lunch and got a panoramic view of all the amazing-ness surrounding us. It was incredible!

This is also the location where one of the James Bond movies (Her Majesties Secret Service or something like that) was filmed, so we got to watch a little excerpt of the movie.

After heading down the Alps, we stopped at Trummelbach Falls. It’s this amazing waterfall running through a mountain. They have lights and paths inside the mountin so you can walk through and see it at different points. It was amazing how much force it had.

After seeing the waterfall, we headed back to the train station where we got a quick dinner before catching our late night train to Frankfurt. We already miss Switzerland. 

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