Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bruges: Day 2

Well folks, this is it. We have just completed our final day in Europe. It doesn't even feel real, but it has been such an incredible experience.

Our last day in Bruges was, of course, wonderful. It rained quite a bit this morning, but by the afternoon, everything had cleared up, so that worked out quite nicely. We spent the morning wandering the streets and shopping. (I forgot to put this on yesterday's blog, but Greg actually wanted to go shop for clothes for himself. AND he bought a few things! Crazy!) When the rain got really bad, we stepped inside a cathedral called the Church of Our Lady and saw this beautiful sculpture by Michelangelo:

After that, we climbed the 366 steps (in 9 minutes) to the top of the bell tower to see this spectacular view of the city:

and also this one:

Adorable, no?

After our climb, we went to get some lunch...more waffles! These were especially delicious and picture worthy:

We maybe had waffles for lunch and then more waffles for dessert. Come on though, it's Belgium! We had to.

After lunch, we took a little boat tour through the canals and saw tons of cute stuff like this:

And this house appears in the Audrey Hepburn film "A Nun Story" which I have never seen, but now plan on watching:

After the boat tour, we went to the Chocolate Museum to learn all about the origin of chocolate and why Belgium is so famous for it. We also got to watch a chocolate-making demo and try some samples. They were delicious. This was Greg's favorite part:

The rest of the day we just spent walking around, enjoying the city. We found some beautiful places to sit and walk through:

Bruges has definitely been one of our favorite cities and it was a great way to end our trip...though it's not really over yet. Now we get to go to San Francisco to see one of Greg's best friends get married! Maybe I'll post about that too...we'll see. We're sad that the trip almost over, but excited to be reunited with all our friends and family.

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  1. Oh Aimee! Your trip looked AMAZING! I hope you realize what a lucky woman you are! Make sure you go to one of those websites and you can print your blog into a book and remember your trip forever!