Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Edinburgh: Day 3

First of all, we are in Madrid now and have internet! Yay! So you can all expect the blogging to be back to normal now (aka every couple of days). At least until we leave for Rome, where I'm not sure what the status will be. Oh well. Now, for the update on what we've been doing for the past week:

Our last day in Edinburgh was amazing! (I'm sure I'm using that word way too much, but it's true!) We had so much fun we just wanted to stay there forever and bag the rest of the Europe trip (almost). We spent the day with Greg's beautiful friend from his Juilliard days, Katherine, and her talented boyfriend Kennedy. They are wonderful and were sweet enough to show us around Scotland. Katherine picked us up in Edinburgh and we took a lovely little drive through the countryside to Balfron where they live. It's a pretty small town and everything there was so...perfect. We went on a walk by their house (Greg forgot to bring the camera) and passed by sheep grazing, a little stream with baby ducklings, and all around beautiful scenery. 

Then, we took a short drive to Balmaha to see Loch Lomond. Apparently, it was very surprising that I knew the words to the song about it (Oh, you take the high road and I'll take the low road...etc.) I thought that was a common knowledge thing...oh well. Again, the view was absolutely stunning and this time we have pictures to prove it. 

After taking a little walk there, we stopped by a grocery store to pick up some snacks and decided to try out a few candy bars that don't exist in the states. We picked out three...and I can only remember the name of one of them, which was Whispa. It was my favorite. Greg liked one with chocolate and honeycomb. They were all great. 

Then, we went back to Katherine and Kennedy's house and had an incredible dinner that the master chef Kennedy had made for us. It was seriously the best thing we've had on this whole trip. He's a gourmet chef and if he ever opens up a restaurant, you can bet we'll be moving in nearby so we can go all the time. 

After dinner, we went and had hot chocolate at a cute little restaurant right on the edge of the Lake of Menteith (the one actual lake in Scotland...the rest are lochs). 

It was basically the perfect day. Thank you SO much Katherine and Kennedy for making the day incredible! Please come visit Utah soon so we can return the favor. :) 

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